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Stay Set Ion Air Jet
EXAIR’s Stay Set Ion Air Jet delivers a concentrated airflow to cover a precise spot without disturbing other areas. The flexible Stay Set Hose permits frequent repositioning where it can be bent and aimed (holds its position until physically moved again). Applications include neutralizing and cleaning of small parts prior to shrink wrapping, neutralizing molded parts, prepaint dust removal, furniture finishing and package cleaning prior to labeling or printing.
  • Low air consumption and noise
  • Eliminates static up to 15 feet (4.6m)
  • Strong blowoff force and flow
5kV Power Supply (not included) is required for operation.

Product Options
Kit contains the following items:
  • Ion Air Jet Only (8194)
  • Magnetic Base (9042)
  • Stay Set Hose (9262)
Price: $464.00
In stock: Yes