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Ion Air Cannon Kit
Ion Air Cannon Kit includes the Ion Air Cannon and the:
  • Model 7960 Power Supply (115V/230VAC, 50/60Hz)
  • Automatic Drain Filter Separator to prevent water and dirt particles found in many compressed air lines from clogging or passing through the Ion Air Cannon.
  • Pressure Regulator for infinite control of flow and force.
  • Shim Set to increase or decrease the gap from which the compressed air exhausts, providing further adjustment to the flow and force.
Product Options
Kit contains the following items:
  • Ion Air Cannon (Includes Air Amplifier, Emitter, Stand and 5 ft. cable) (8192)
  • Power Supply Only (7960)
  • Super Air Amplifier 2" Shim Set (120322)
  • Automatic Drain Filter Separator (9001)
  • Pressure Regulator (9008)
  • Mounting and Coupling Kit for Model 9001/9008 and Model 9032/9033 (9046)
Price: $1,136.00
In stock: Yes