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Ion Air Cannon Deluxe Kit
The Ion Air Cannon Deluxe Kit includes an Ion Air Cannon, EFC electronic flow control, shim set, Model 7960 Power Supply, filter separator, pressure regulator and coupling kit.
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Kit contains the following items:
  • Ion Air Cannon (Includes Air Amplifier, Emitter, Stand and 5 ft. cable) (8192)
  • Power Supply Only (7960)
  • Super Air Amplifier 2" Shim Set (120322)
  • Automatic Drain Filter Separator (9001)
  • Pressure Regulator (9008)
  • Mounting and Coupling Kit for Model 9001/9008 and Model 9032/9033 (9046)
  • Electronic Flow Control (9055)
Price: $2,160.00
In stock: Yes