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Super Ion Air Knife (Super Air Knife and Ionizing Bar Assembly)
EXAIR's Super Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from webs, sheet stock and plastic surfaces where dust, tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem. The balanced laminar airflow of the Super Ion Air Knife effectively eliminates static at distances up to 20 feet away. Production speeds, product quality and surface cleanliness can improve dramatically. Applications include web cleaning, pre-paint blowoff, bag opening and neutralizing plastic parts.
  • 40:1 amplification - requires only 2 SCFM compressed air per foot of length at 5 PSIG
  • Shockless design is non-radioactive
  • Surprisingly quiet at 50 dBA for most applications
  • Overall length and airflow length are the same
  • Aluminum Super Air Knife included
5kV Power Supply (not included) is required for operation.
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