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Reversible Drum Vac Systems
With the turn of a knob, the compressed air powered Reversible Drum Vac will fill or empty a 55-gallon drum in 90 seconds. This two-way drum pump attaches quickly to standard drum connections. There are no moving parts to assure maintenance free operation. Coolant sumps can be easily refilled, floor spills vacuumed, or contaminated liquids transferred to filtration tanks in minutes.
Four models are available:
  • Model 6196-110 for the 110 gallon drum (drum not included)
  • Model 6196 for the 55 gallon drum (drum not included)
  • Model 6196-30 for the 30 gallon drum (drum not included)
  • Model 6196-5 for the 5 gallon drum (drum included)
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