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Deluxe Reversible Drum Vac Systems
In addition to all components included in the Reversible Drum Vac Systems, these deluxe systems add a Drum Dolly, the Spill Recovery Kit, (2) extension wands, skimmer and crevice tools and tool holder. (Model 6296 shown.)Three models are available:
  • Model 6296 for the 55 gallon drum (drum not included)
  • Model 6296-30 for the 30 gallon drum (drum not included)
  • Model 6296-5 for the 5 gallon drum (drum included)
  • Model 6296 and 6296-30 also include a tool holder (not pictured)
Product Options
Drum Capacity 30 Gallon
Kit contains the following items:
  • Reversible Drum Vac (6196-30)
  • Spill Recovery Kit (6901)
  • Drum Dolly (9041-30)
  • Set of tools for Deluxe Reversible Drum Vac (900097)
  • Tool Holder (901176)
Model 6296-30
Price: $871.00
In stock: Yes