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Static Eliminator Promotion

Eliminate Static Electricity and Dust! Prevent Shocks, Jamming, Tearing and Static Cling!

Super Ion Air KnifeWhen the humidity is low, static electricity problems will happen.
  • Materials tear, jam or curl
  • Webs and films cling to themselves
  • Electronic sensors fail, causing false readings
  • Hazardous sparks or shocks are produced
  • Product clings to itself, rollers and machine beds
  • Dust attraction ruins surface finishes

Learn how EXAIR can eliminate your static problems. EXAIR's static eliminators (called ionizers) can eliminate the static charge. These shockless ionizers are electrically powered and produce a bulk of positive and negative ions. The charged surface attracts the appropriate number of positive or negative ions from the ionizer to become neutral (discharge). Super Ion Air Knife (shown above right) - produces a laminar sheet of airflow that floods an area or surface with static eliminating ions at distances up to 20 feet. Super Ion Air Wipe - The uniform 360 degree ionized airstream neutralizes and cleans continuously moving surfaces. Ion Air Gun - Eliminates static and dust from parts prior to assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. Ion Air Cannon - Ideal for hard to reach spaces or confined areas that require a concentrated ionized flow. Ion Air Jet - Delivers a concentrated blast of ionized air prior to shrink wrapping, packaging and printing. Ionizing Bar - Eliminates static cling, dust attraction and jamming on paper, plastics and film. >>Click here to see promo details.