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Air Amplifiers
EXAIR's Air Amplifiers can be used for blowoff or vacuum applications.  They utilize the Coanda profile to direct the airflow towards the outlet, which generates the vacuum that pulls in large amounts of surrounding ambient air.  This air is combined with the compressed air supply and creates a high volume, high velocity air flow useful for cooling, drying, and blowoff applications.  The Air Amplifier can also be used in the reverse direction, where the air ampflication is not important, but the air vacuum is.  It can be used to pull air from an area that needs to be vented, such as extracting weld fumes or smoke, or supplying fresh are to an area that has been contaminated.  The Air Amplifier is available as either a Super Air Amplifier where the air gap is fixed using a shim, or the Adjustable Air Amplifier where the air gap is infinitely adjustable within a given range, using a locking ring.  The Super Air Amplifier is made from cast aluminum and the Adjustable Air Amplifier is made from machined aluminum or stainless steel.  A High Temperature Air Amplifier is also available, for use in ambient environments up to 700F. 
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