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Air Guns
EXAIR offers two types of Air Guns that can be used with any of our Air Nozzles or Jets. They allow the Air Nozzles and Jets to be operated and controlled manually.  The Soft Grip Safety Air Gun is best suited for general purpose blowoff applications.  The Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun is better for more rugged industrial applications.  Both of the guns are trigger-operated and ergonomically designed to be comfortably handheld for substantial time periods.  Aluminum extension pipes and Stay Set hoses are available to provide a greater reach from the gun to the nozzle at the point of use. 
To accommodate the Nano Super Air Nozzle, EXAIR offers the Precision Safety Air Gun.  It is a very lightweight yet durable design.  It has an ergonomic trigger grip.  It also has a built-in small angled extension to aid in accessing hard to reach areas.
EXAIR also offers a Super Blast Safety Air Gun.  This gun supports our Super Air Nozzle Clusters and Large Super Air Nozzles, and incorporates a spring-loaded ball valve rather than a trigger mechanism, to provide two-handed control and a safety shutoff function in the event the unit is dropped, due to the high power generated by the large nozzles and nozzle clusters. 
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