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Air Knives
Air Knives are one of EXAIR's most tried and true products.  There are three types of air knives, all suited for many types of blowoff, cooling, and drying applications.  But, each knife is a little different from the others, as the design has improved over the years. 
The Super Air Knife is the best of the three types.  It uses the least amount of compressed air per inch of length, has the highest air amplification ratio at 40:1, is the quietest, has the most uniform airflow, and has airflow end to end.  The air exits the plenum chamber through a 0.002" gap, pre-set with a shim, and travels straight out from the knife.  Due to its end-to-end, uniform air flow, the Super Air Knife can be bracketed to other Super Air Knives to create infinite lengths, which will behave as one continuous unit.  Custom lengths are also available up to 48" for a continuous piece.
The Full Flow Air Knife also has airflow end to end.  However, it utilizes the Coanda profile to direct the airflow after it exits the plenum chamber.  It is not as quiet as the Super Air Knife, and has a lower air amplification ratio, at 30:1.  It uses slightly more compressed air per inch of length than the Super Air Knife.  The Full Flow Air Knife is the least expensive of the three types.
The Standard Air Knife uses the Coanda profile like the Full Flow Air Knife, but its overall length is 1" longer than the actual airflow length, with 1/2" of "dead space" on either end of the knife.  It's noise level is only slightly higher than the Full Flow, and it uses only slightly more compressed air per inch of length than the Full Flow.  It has the same amplification ratio as the Full Flow, at 30:1, and it is less expensive than the Super Air Knife.
Each style of Air Knife is available in Aluminum with polyester shims or Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel shims.  Also, any of the Air Knives can be mounted with the Universal Air Knife Mounting System, made of full Stainless Steel construction.
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