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Air Nozzles
Drilled pipe manifolds and open pipe are very noisy, expensive, and inefficient ways to provide industrial blowoff.  So, EXAIR manufactures a complete line of Air Nozzles designed to deliver a quiet, hard-hitting blast of air while minimizing air consumption, designed to replace these common, but less than ideal solutions. 
The Super Air Nozzles range in size from 1/8 NPT (the Mini Super Air Nozzle) to 1-1/4 NPT and are available in Aluminum for all sizes or Stainless Steel in sizes up to 1/2 NPT, with male or female threads.  The smallest nozzle EXAIR offers is the Nano Super Air Nozzle.  It actually has M6 male threads, an OD of only 1/4", and measures less than 1" in overall length!  This tiny nozzle allows you to focus a concentrated stream of air in hard to reach areas.
EXAIR also offers two 1/8 NPT male only air nozzles.  The Micro Air Nozzle delivers a concentrated, powerful stream of air, and is available only in Stainless Steel.  The Adjustable Air Nozzle also delivers a concentrated, powerful air stream.  But, it has the added benefit of being infinitely adjustable, to fine-tune the force and flow to meet the specific needs of a particular application.  It is available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel.  
In addition to the Large Super Air Nozzles which produce great amounts of force, Super Air Nozzle Clusters are also available.  These will produce comparable forces, but will provide a larger airflow pattern for wider coverage areas.
Most of the Super Air Nozzles have conical airflow patterns, varying in size relative to the nozzle.  However, there is also a 2" flat Super Air Nozzle that delivers a laminar airflow pattern, similar to that of an air knife.  It is also adjustable with the use of shims, like an air knife, and is available in a High Power version to produce more force and flow volume.
EXAIR also manufactures a series of Safety Air Nozzles, that utilize the Coanda effect to achieve air amplification.  They range in size from 1/8 NPT to 3/8 NPT.  They are all made of brass and have female only threads.  The 1/4 NPT model is also available in Stainless Steel.  Both 1/4 NPT models are also available in a High Power version.  It is the same basic design, but produces higher force and flow. 
Many of EXAIR's Air Nozzles can also be used as part of a complete blowoff system.  They can be connected to a length of stayset hose and either a single or dual outlet magnetic base with manual mini valves to control the on/off of the airflow.  Stayset hose is flexible to allow the user to place it in any orientation required, and yet rigid enough to maintain the set position.  It is available in many lengths from 6"-36".  The magnetic base provides a strong magnetic force to hold the nozzle/hose assembly in place, but offers the benefit of a non-permanent installation that can easily be repositioned if needed.  EXAIR also offers several sizes of swivel fittings which also provide the benefit of adjustable positioning, but with a simpler setup.  The swivel fittings have a locking ring so that the desired position can be held in place.
All of EXAIR's Air Nozzles entrain surrounding ambient air at a minimum ratio of 25:1.  This allows maximum air flow volume with minimum demand on the compressed air supply.  The streamlined flow of air from each nozzle produces very low noise levels, in keeping with OSHA's guidelines for allowable noise exposure.  All of the nozzles are also designed to meet OSHA's guidelines for maximum dead ended pressure requirements.  So, an EXAIR air nozzle is a safe, quiet, cost-effective way to satisfy an industrial blowoff application need.
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