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Air Wipes
EXAIR manufactures Air Wipes, which function similar to Air Knives, but are better suited for long shapes with round profiles, which can pass through the center of the Air Wipe and the generated air stream.  Both types of Air Wipes, the Super and the Standard, function the same, but the materials of construction are different.  The Super Air Wipe comes with stainless steel braided hose to connect the two halves, and stainless steel shims.  The body is available in aluminum or stainless steel.  The Standard Air Wipe comes with standard blue compressed air hose to connect the two halves, and plastic shims.  The body is only available in aluminum.  The two-half design of the Air Wipe allows it to be clamped around the shape, so it does not need to be threaded through.
As with Air Knives, the compressed air exits the plenum chamber through a 0.002" gap pre-set with a shim.  The air follows the tapered shape of the inside diameter of the Air Wipe, and causes a 360° converging airflow, which will contact all sides of the object passing through.  The round shape and converging airflow makes the Air Wipe ideal for blowoff, cooling, and drying of round profiles such as tube, hose, wire/cable, and extruded shapes.  To maximize peformance, the airflow should be oriented opposite the direction of travel of the surface to be blown off.
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