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The goal of this wiki is to be a more user-friendly way to provide product information than simply lists of files.  It will have a layout much like that of the familiar Wikipedia, in easy, readable paragraph format with certain words hyperlinked to further information on that particular topic.  This wiki can contain anything from catalog information and published product data to testing results and random little tidbits of useful information that others could benefit from.  This wiki will become a web of information.  The exact pattern of this web will be determined along the way as it is further developed.  If you feel there is a topic that does not have enough information available, please feel free to contact us so that we can create that page and add the info for others to view.  That is the joy of a wiki, it is dynamic, always being modified, to make it more useful to its readers.


Compressed air is an essential energy source of any manufacturing facility. It is a safe and convenient way to pneumatically move/convey, blow off, cooldry, clean, neutralize static, vacuum, and a multitude of other functions. 


As with any energy source, there is an associated cost. According to the Compressed Air Challenge, a recent survey by the U.S. Department of Energy showed that for a typical industrial facility, approximately 10% of the electricity consumed is for generating compressed air. For some facilities, compressed air generation may account for 30% or more of the electricity consumed. Compressed air is an on-site generated utility. Very often the cost of generation is not known; however, some companies use a value of 18-30 cents per 1000 cubic feet of air to approximate the cost.


EXAIR is committed to energy and sound conservation through air optimization. Our products are designed to more efficiently use compressed air at lower sound levels to produce a safe and efficient work environment. For peak performance, particular attention should be directed to properly sizing your air delivery system.


In addition to minimizing compressed air consumption and noise levels produced, EXAIR also offers a variety of other accessories that can be used in conjunction with our compressed air products to further improve performance.


For additional information, please access the EXAIR Wiki Glossary.

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