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Line Vac
EXAIR's air operated conveyor, the Line Vac, is available in three styles to suit various application needs.  Each uses a different air flow volume and velocity to transfer different types and amounts of solid material.  The standard Line Vac is available with smooth or threaded inlets and outlets, for use with either hose or pipe.  It can accommodate material ranging from small light pebbles to fine powders.  The Light Duty Line Vac is intended mainly for use with very lightweight materials that dont need to travel a great distance, such as styrofoam packing peanuts.  The Heavy Duty Line Vac is the newest of the Line Vac product series.  It has increased wear resistance and is able to carry more material over much longer distances than the standard and light duty models of equivalent size.  It is also available in smooth or threaded inlets and outlets.
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