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Spot Cooling Products
The Cold Gun and High Power Cold Gun provide cooling in machining operations where cooling is required, and liquid coolant systems are not a desired option.  They produce air temperatures approximately 50°F below supply air temperature.  For applications requiring a large amount of cooling, the High Power Cold Gun provides twice the volume of cool air as that of the standard Cold Gun.  Both systems are available with either a single or dual outlet hose kit, and include both fan style and cone style nozzles, to allow adjustability in the positioning and direction of the air flow. 
The Adjustable Spot Cooler is an adjustable version of the Cold Gun.  It has cooling capacities that cover the range of both the Cold Gun and the High Power Cold Gun.  It is adjustable in multiple ways.  The generator can be interchanged to adjust the overall airflow of the cooler, and the adjustment knob can be turned to control the proportion of air volume that comes out the cold end of the tube relative to the overall supply air volume.   
The Mini Cooler is similar to the Cold Gun, but it has a lower cooling capacity and lower air consumption.  It is best for cooling very smal areas and tools. 
The Component Cooler is a hand-held Spot Cooler.  It has a cooling capacity and air consumption equal to the Mini Cooler.  It is also ideal for cooling very small areas and parts, such as electronic equipment and circuit boards.
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