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EXAIR's compressed air products require clean, dry, oil free air for proper, most efficient operation.  We offer two types of filters to treat less-than-ideal air supplies.  Our Automatic Drain Filter Separators have a 5 micron filter element to trap dirt and remove water particles.  A small manual drain water and dirt filter separator is also available.  If lubrication is also known to be present in the compressed air lines, we also have automatic drain Oil Removal Filters available that have a 0.03 micron element to trap oil particles. 
In addition to filtration, air regulation is another important factor in a compressed air system.  EXAIR is committed to conservation of compressed air.  Thus, we recommend operating at the lowest sufficient inlet pressure to achieve the desired result.  A pressure regulator allows you to set and maintain a consistent air pressure supply to the compressed air product, thus producing consistent performance of the product.  All of EXAIR's pressure regulators come with a gauge, to allow you to monitor the system and help diagnose some problems with the compressed air equipment.  For example, a pressure gauge may read 90psi until the valve is opened, and then it drops to 40psi.  This indicates insufficient air supply to the product, caused by either restrictions in the airlines such as quick disconnect fittings or too small air lines, or by insufficient compressor capacity to support the product. 
Almost all of our filters and regulators are available with mounting brackets and coupling kits which will allow them to be easily mounted and connected together for cleaner installation. 
For intermittent demand on systems, EXAIR offers two possible solutions. Our Electronic Flow Control (EFC) incorporates a sensor, user-programmable timer control, and a solenoid valve to turn the compressed air off between parts or cycles to reduce overall consumption.  EXAIR also has a 60-gallon Receiver Tank available that can be used to store enough pressurized air to operate the compressed air product for the required duration, and allow plenty of time for it to be replenished before the next duty cycle.  It also minimizes power surges in the compressed air system.
To control the on/off of our compressed air products, EXAIR has both manual valves and solenoid valves, as well as the EFC, that can be incorporated into the system.  Both valve types are available in a variety of sizes and voltages.  The solenoid valves are available in 120VAC, 240VAC, and 24VDC supply voltages, with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 NPT threads.  They are conveniently programmed into a process's existing PLC. 
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