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air optimization
All of EXAIR's products are already designed to minimize compressed air consumption and maximize output performance.  However, we have recently added an entire product line of accessories which are designed to minimize wasted air usage and optimize your compressed air system.
The Electronic Flow Control, or EFC, is designed to control the on/off flow of air, so that air is only being used when it is needed.  A photoelectric eye sends electric signals to a control box, which in turn signals a solenoid valve to control the on/off timing of the air so that the air is only on for the minimum required amount of time required by the application.  The control box is fully user programmable, so you can fine-tune the sensor-activated timer settings to suit your particular application.
The Ultrasonic Leak Detector, or ULD, is meant to help pinpoint air leaks which, if fixed, can save a company significant amounts of money.  It can detect air leaks that are small enough so as not to be audible to the human ear, but large enough to contribute to much of a company's wasted compressed air costs.  The ULD is a handheld device which converts the ultrasonic sound waves to a frequency audible to the human ear, with the use of the included headphones.  There are also a parabola and tube attachments that can be used to help pinpoint the source of the leak. 
The Digital Flow Meter is an easily installed device intended to allow you to monitor your compressed air consumption and make necessary adjustments to decrease it.  The display is a clear digital readout that changes as airflow in the pipe to which it is attached changes.  The Digital Flow Meter is available for 1" and 2" Schedule 40 Iron Pipe, but other sizes and Copper pipe models are also available upon request.  Each unit comes with a drilll guide kit to help you precisely locate and drill the two small holes required for installation.  Then, insert the two sensing probes and tighten the clamps.  Thats it.  No more modifications or adjustments necessary. 
The Digital Sound Level Meter is the only EXAIR Air Optimization product that we offer that does not actually relate to air usage.  However, it is still an important part of an Air Optimization program because it allows you to monitor another facet of compressed air systems, the noise levels they can produce.  The Digital Sound Level Meter is a portable, handheld unit that is intended to provide temporary monitoring of noise levels in a compressed air area.  It provides an easy to read digital display of the surrounding noise level within 1m of the unit.  It allows you to determine whether or not the sound levels in the area are within OSHA's defined limits for noise level exposure.  All of EXAIR's compressed air products are fully compliant with these regulations.  Thus, using the Digital Sound Level Meter both before and after installation of an EXAIR product would quickly and clearly demonstrate the improvement in noise levels in the area. 
Compressed air noise levels are a concern for many people.  If our Digital Sound Level Meter indicates that noise levels are exceed acceptable limits, in addition to installing quieter EXAIR compressed air products, we also offer mufflers for various uses in a compressed air system.
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