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Blow off applications involve removing moisture/residue or other solid particles, from an object or surface.  This is achieved by directing high-velocity airflow towards the surface, which will dry any damp residue and physically remove any solid particles from the surface.
Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Air Nozzles and Jets, Air GunsAir Wipes, and Static Eliminators are all EXAIR products that can be used in blow off applications. 
The Air Knives provide a sheet of air, ideal for covering the required width of a moving web or products on a conveyor system.  The web moves through the curtain of air which prevents unwanted surface material from passing through and remaining on the surface of the product. 
Air Amplifiers can also be used for conveyor applications.  However, the air pattern is conical as opposed to laminar.  This makes them useful for blow off of three-dimensional objects and other odd shaped parts with uneven surfaces and cavities, moving on a conveyor. 
Air Nozzles and Jets have similar application uses to the Air Amplifiers.  But, due to their smaller size, they are better for smaller objects, and parts with small crevices that need to be blown out.  They can also be used in a manifold arrangement to concentrate an air stream in several spots on the surface of one part.  Air Nozzles and Jets can also be used in conjunction with Exair's Air Guns for manual blow off applications. 
Air Wipes are primarily used for blow off of 360° of a surface, such as wires, cables, tubes, or rods.  The Air Wipe is designed so that the air will follow a Coanda profile, so the air will be directed to the center of the wipe and out, opposite the direction of travel of the part passing through.  The part to be blown off does not have to be perfectly circular.  However, performance is typically better if it is. 
Static Eliminators are essentially many of EXAIR's compressed air products, with the addition of one or more ionizing emitter points to neutralize static charges that could be contributing to the collection of dust and other particles on the target surface.  Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Air Jets, Air Guns, and Air Wipes are all available as a Static Eliminating product.
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