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Most of EXAIR's Industrial Housekeeping Products are designed for use in industrial cleanup applications. 
The Chip Vac is designed for chips, dust, and other solid material collection into a 55 gallon drum.  EXAIR has also recently released a 5-gallon version, drum included, which is intended for small cleanups.
The Drum Vac is a similar product, but is designed for liquid cleanup.  It is available for a 55-gallon or 30-gallon closed top drum, and the newly released 5-gallon system which includes a drum.
For small amounts of solid material cleanup, such as dust collection, EXAIR also has two types of Vac-U-Guns, a standard, and one meant for deep-hole applications.  Each kit includes slightly different components to make it adaptable to the particular application in which it will be used. 
EXAIR also manufactures two products designed to clean and blow off water, coolant, chips/shavings, and dust from CNC machine windows.  The Air Stik and Air Disk are both suitable for use on closed-top machines, and the Air Stik can also be used on open-top machines. 
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