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EXAIR manufactures many products that can be used for various types of cooling applications, such as replacing messy liquid coolant systems with a cold air supply, and keeping electrical panels from overheating and destroying expensive equipment. 
With the introduction of high tech cutting tools many companies are eliminating coolant. The advantages are that the waste stream is eliminated. It also addresses work place environmental issues such as smoke and mist. Vortex cooling adresses the issues with coolant as well as providing tool cooling.
All of EXAIR's Spot Cooling Products utilize a core product called the Vortex Tube.  The Vortex Tube can be used in a wide variety of applications.  It produces both hot and cold air, the temperatures of which are determined by the set point of the adjustment knob at the hot air exhaust end of the tube.  However, the Vortex Tube cannot easily be used as a heating device, as the hot air produced is simply to remove heat from the remaining air, which exits the other end of the tube and is used for the cooling application.  The amount of hot air produced is not normally enough to be effective, even if the temperature is high enough.  This volume/temperature tradeoff is also true for the cold end.  If more air is allowed out the hot end to produce colder temperatures out the other end, the useful volume of cold air decreases.  It is important to find the appropriate set point for each application, one which provides a proper balance between desired cold temperature and volume of cold air at that temperature.  EXAIR has several application-specific products that utilize the vortex tube technology
The Cabinet Cooler is a very specialized Vortex tube cooling product, designed specifically for use on sealed enclosures, to keep dust out and temperatures down at acceptable leves.  It is pre-set at the appropriate cold fraction to maintain an internal temperature of approximately 95°F.  It has an incorporated muffler, and a second exhaust system which combines the normal hot exhaust from the Vortex Tube with the existing warm cabinet air as it is replaced with the colder, dryer air from the Vortex Tube.  It is available for use on NEMA 12, 4, and 4X enclosures, and is UL listed. 
Cabinet Cooler systems are available with thermostat control.  The standard thermostat control includes a bi-metal contact thermoswitch and a solenoid valve.  However, there is also an Electronic Thermostat Control available which has a constant digital display of the internal temperature and a temperature set point adjustment knob. 
Cabinet Coolers are also available with side-mount kits.  This allows the unit to be mounted on the side of the cabinet, when their is not room on the top, and maintain the unit in a vertical orientation.  For the NEMA 12 units, vertical orientation is not required, but may be desired due to space constraints even on the sides of the cabinet.  For the NEMA 4/4X units, vertical orientation is required in order for them to maintain their Nema integrity.  Thus, if top mounting is not possible, then one of these side-mount kits would be a necessity.
Many of EXAIR's other products can also be used in cooling applications, even though they don't actually produce cold air.  In the right volume, air can cool quite effectively simply via convection.  The large volume of room-temperature air moving across the hot surface of the product picks up and carries away the heat from that surface, thus leaving the surface at a lower, more manageable temperature.  EXAIR's Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, Air Nozzles, Jets, Guns, and Air Wipes, are all products that can be used to cool an object or surface via convection.
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