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Drying is similar, though not identical to blow off applications.  To dry in an industrial setting typically means to remove moisture such as water or coolant.  Blow off may or may not involve moisture.  Drying is important, as it can prevent contamination, make subsequent processes easier and eliminate many rejects.  For exceptionally sticky substances such as mud which can be quite difficult to remove, drying the substance first often makes it less sticky and easier to remove from the surface.  Moisture on the surface of a part can prevent labels from adhering properly, and attract airborne particles which can cause ink, paint, and other coatings from having a smooth finish.  For certain metallic products, moisture that remains on the surface of the part as it is packaged can cause rust and other surface degredation, which diminishes the quality of the product.  Any hazardous chemicals not dried off the surface of the product can also be hazardous to those who handle the product after it goes through the operation in which the hazardous chemicals are introduced. 
The profile of the part or area to be dried will determine which EXAIR product will be most suitable for the particular application.  The Air Knife, Air Wipe, Air Amplifier, and Air Nozzles, Jets, or Guns are all possible options for use in drying applications. 
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