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move and convey
Many of EXAIR's products can be used to move material from one location to another.  Air Nozzles, Jets, and Guns are ideal for use in part ejection from molds and/or removing rejected parts from a production line.  Air Amplifiers are designed to move fumes and/or vapors out of an area to an exhaust system.  EXAIR's new E-Vac vacuum generators can also be used to evacuate air and other non-hazardous gases from closed containers.  However, their primary function is in pick-and-place applications.
The Line Vac is an air operated conveyor, with its primary purpose being to transfer solid material from one location to another.  It is most useful in hopper loading/unloading and trim/scrap removal applications.  The Line Vac is available in several different styles to meet various application requirements, from light materials over short distances to abrasive, heavy materials over long distances.
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