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EXAIR offers four types of mufflers, for use in different parts of a compressed air system.  Each muffler style is available in a variety of sizes, to suit many different applications.
Our Reclassifying Mufflers are actually dual-purpose.  They provide sound muffling of up to 35 dB on air exhaust systems, such as cylinders and valves.  They also trap oil mist particles that would otherwise be released back into the breathing air.  They will reduce the oil mist to 0.015 PPM (parts per million). 
Another muffler we offer for air exhaust systems is the Sintered Bronze Muffler.  This muffler will provide minimum backpressure on the system, to minimize interference with the performance of the system. 
Our Heavy Duty Muffler is also for use on air exhaust cylinders and valves.  Its design prevents possible system contamination by blocking any debris from entering through the exhaust ports.  This same style muffler is also used wth our E-vac vacuum generators and as a hot-end muffler for our Vortex Tubes.  This muffler will provide up to 14 dB of noise reduction.
For the cold end of Vortex Tubes and for the outlet of Cabinet Coolers, we offer a muffler with a straight-through design.  This provides sound reduction of up to 20 dB.
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