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Wiki Pages: vacuum generators
EXAIR's new E-Vac vacuum generators can be used in a wide variety of vacuum applications, such as pick-and-place, container evacuation, lifting, clamping, and surface mounting.  To complement this range of uses, two types of vacuum generators are available.  The low vacuum units are best suited for porous materials such as cardboard, wood, and other delicate materials.  The high vacuum units are better suited for non-porous materials such as glass, plastic and steel sheet. 
EXAIR also offers several types of vacuum cups, which can be used with either style of E-Vac.  The size, shape, and style of the best vaccum cup to use depends on the size, shape, and weight of the material being lifted.  EXAIR currently offers round and oval cups, as well as bellows style cups, for uneven or rounded surfaces. 
In addition to the vacuum cups, many other accessories are available which will allow you to create a customized, complete vacuum setup for your application.  There are two types of mufflers available, which will significantly reduce the noise produced by the E-Vac units.  The Straight-through muffler will provide slightly more noise reduction than the standard muffler.  A vacuum gauge is available, which will allow you to constantly monitor the vacuum being generated, to ensure it is sufficient for your application.  In conjunction with the vacuum gauge for monitoring, there is also a check valve available.  This will prevent loss of vacuum in the cup and dropping the product, in the event that the vacuum generation is lost, to prevent damaging of sensitive and/or fragile materials. 
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