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What is a Vortex Tube?

Vortex Tubes are a product of the EXAIR Corporation. They use compressed air as a power source, have no moving parts and produce cold air from one end and hot air from the other.

Usually the cold air is used for refrigeration or spot cooling applications. The hot air can be used for spot heating applications but the temperatures and volumes are not very high and usually there is a better way to get hot air.

What is the angle of the airflow from the Super Air Wipe?

The airflow impinges the product traveling through the Super Air Wipe at a 30° angle (60º included angle).

What is the angle the air exits the Air Wipe at?

The air exits the Air Wipe and Super Air Wipe at a 60° included angle. The airflow will impact the target material at a 30° wiping angle.

What is the Btu/Hr range of your Cabinet Coolers?

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems are available with cooling capacities from 275 Btu/hr to 5,600 Btu/hr. Multiple Systems or additional Cabinet Cooler units are occasionally specified for even higher heat load requirements. Contact an Application Engineer for more information.

What is the capacity (size) of your Chip Vac system?

EXAIR manufactures Chip Vac systems for 5, 30, 55 and 110 gallon drums. The 5 gallon size is the only model which automatically includes the drum. The 30, 55 and 110 gallon Chip Vac systems can also be supplied with the entire drum or supplied without the drum if you already have an open top drum you plan on using.

What is the capacity of the Chip Trapper bag?

The Filter Bag has a capacity of .713 ft3 or 5.33 Gallons (US). The weight capacity is 15 pounds.

What is the difference between "CFM" and "SCFM"?

SCFM = Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. This is 1 cubic foot of free air at standard atmospheric temperature and pressure (the standard conditions are usually 68°F and 14.7 PSIA).

CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute. This is sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with SCFM meaning free air. Unless the pressure and temperature are specified with CFM, the actual volume of gas flow cannot be determined.

What is the difference between the 5200 and 5300 series Cold Gun Systems?

The 5200 and 5300 series utilize the same cold air producing Vortex Tube. The only difference is the hose kit that is included with each model. Models 5215 and 5230 are shipped with a single-point hose kit. Models 5315 and 5330 are shipped with a dual-point hose kit to provide chilled air to two points instead of one.

What is the difference between the Cold Gun and the Adjustable Spot Cooler?

The Cold Gun is an engineered, pre-set vortex tube product that includes heat shielding, sound muffling, and magnetic mount to facilitate use in machining applications. The unit is pre-set for maximum refrigeration. The 5215 and 5315 models will produce 1000 Btu/hr. of cooling power with 100 PSIG input pressure. The 5230 and 5330 models will produce 2000 Btu/hr. of cooling power with 100 PSIG input pressure.

The Adjustable Spot Cooler is very similar in form and function to the Cold Gun. However, it is "adjustable" because the temperature drop that can be achieved is variable with the use of an integral valve that regulates temperature drop. The flow rate consumed by the Adjustable Spot Cooler is also variable with the use of 3 different flow rate adjustments. The cooling power of an Adjustable Spot Cooler can be as high as 2000 Btu/hr. with 100 PSIG input pressure.

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