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More information on all of our products can be found in the products section of this web site. Registered site users can also view our CAD files, installation and maintenance sheets and application database.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, or if you need more help with your application, please contact an Application Engineer at 800-903-9247 (513-671-3322 outside the U.S. and Canada).

Can I mount EXAIR’s Cabinet Coolers to the side of our enclosure?

Yes, UL listed NEMA 12 models can be mounted in any orientation (horizontal, diagonal, etc…) but you can save some space by using our 90 degree mounting kit and position the Cabinet Cooler vertically. NEMA 4/4X models must be in the vertical orientation to maintain their UL listed NEMA integrity. The 90 degree mounting kits make side mount installation simple, clean and effective.

Can I move the Digital Flow Meter from place to place?

The Digital Flowmeter is meant to be a permanent installation to provide feedback of compressed air consumption. It should be installed at each major leg of your compressed air system to better understand your requirements. Uninstalling the Digital Flowmeter is not recommended but it can be done with the use of a pipe repair clamp.

Can I operate your air knives with a blower?

No, blowers are not a source of air for Air Knives. Air Knives are designed to use compressed air. Blowers are large, expensive and noisy with 3" to 6" outlet connections. They do not produce enough pressure to operate an EXAIR Air Knife.

Can I pulse/cycle the compressed air to your products?

Yes, EXAIR is committed to the more efficient use of compressed air and recommends limiting the use of compressed air for only the duration it is required to perform a specific function.

Cycling is efficient because EXAIR product’s effects are virtually instantaneous. Cycling will reduce overall air use for more cost effective operation. With the use of an EXAIR Electronic Flow Control (EFC), you can control the flow of air with any one of the 16 programmable modes.

Can I put backpressure on the cold exhaust of a Vortex Tube?

The performance of a Vortex Tube deteriorates with backpressure on the cold end exhaust. Low back pressure, up to 2 PSIG will not change performance. 5 PSIG will change performance by about 5°F.

Can I put cold air from a Vortex Tube into the Super Air Wipe?

No, for proper operation, the Vortex Tube cold outlet should not be subjected to any restrictions that would produce backpressure in excess of 5 PSIG. A Super Air Wipe would restrict the flow of a Vortex Tube to the point where the backpressure is excessive and severely limit the cooling capacity of the Vortex Tube.

Can I test your products?

Yes, every U.S. and Canadian customer who places an order can take advantage of the EXAIR Corporation Guarantee which states:

"EXAIR unconditionally guarantees its cataloged products for 30 days. If you are not satisfied for any reason within that time you may return the product for full credit with no restocking charge. Of course, this is in addition to our "Built To Last" warranty."

We would like you to call an Application Engineer at 800-903-9247 before returning a product so they may work with you to try to solve your problem and make your application successful.

Can I use a blower to power your products?

No, a blower cannot provide enough pressure to run EXAIR products.

Can I use a Reversible Drum Vac on a Poly Drum?

The Reversible Drum Vacs are designed for, and specified for use on, steel drums only.

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