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1" Flat Stainless Steel Super Air Nozzles Blow Rinse Water From Pharmaceutical Equipment
Product :- Model 1126SS 1/8 FNPT St. St. 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Equipment Cleaning
Details :-

The customer was using a competitor's nozzles to dry two drums of a pharmaceutical spheronizer machine after cleaning the drum with water, but the nozzles were not able to dry the surfaces inside the machine. We replaced the competition's nozzles with (26) Model 1126SS 1" Stainless Steel Flat Super Air Nozzles, mounted at a 10 degree angle to the outside of the drum. This created a vortex of air that was able to dry the drums in 30 seconds.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Pharmaceutical

1" Flat Super Air Nozzle Blows Off Parts In Automated Inspection Cycle
Product :- Model 1126 1/8 FNPT 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Automated Machinery
Details :-

A custom machine manufacturer needed a way to remove coolant and chips from metal products being made in an automated machine, prior to a laser inspection cycle. A Model 1126 1" (25mm) Flat Super Air Nozzle was installed to blow off the teeth of these gear-shaped parts, allowing them to proceed through the inspection process quickly and efficiently.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Manufacturing

11" Super Air Wipe For Cooling
Product :- Model 2491 11" Alum. Standard Air Wipe Kit  Subcategory :- Coating
Details :-

A custom machine designer has fabricated a 6" (152mm) steel pipe welding and cladding system. The inside diameter of the 21' pipe is cladded with alloy to protect the steel pipe from corrosion. The cladding process is done at high temperatures and the alloy needs to be cooled properly to create the right physical properties of the internal coating. They have chosen an EXAIR Model 2491 11" (279mm) Super Air Wipe System to provide cooling by blowing on the outside diameter of the pipe as it is internally coated with the alloy.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Steel Pipe and Tube

2" Flat Super Air Nozzle Keeps Inspection System Optical Lens Free Of Dust
Product :- Model 1122 1/4 FNPT 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Vision Inspection
Details :-

Customer installs optical inspection and measuring systems for a variety of industries. One such installation was in a very dusty environment, and the optical lens needed to be free of dust when it takes its "snapshot." A Model 1122 2" (51mm) Flat Super Air Nozzle was installed to blow a quick blast of air across the lens, immediately prior to the system's activation, resulting in a clear view of the part, and accurate measurement, every time.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Manufacturing

2" Heavy Duty Line Vac Kit Circulates Sand and Rock Material
Product :- Model 152200 2" Heavy Duty Line Vac Kit  Subcategory :- Separator
Details :-

A manufacturer of vibratory separators built a small scale machine for display purposes and needed to move small gravel and sand at a rate of about 5 pounds per minute up a vertical height of 6 feet. This was to recirculate the material that they were showcasing. The solution was to use a Model 152200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac Kit to pick up the material from the bottom of the collection bin and convey it back to the hopper on the top of the machine.

Application :- Convey   Industry :- Agriculture

2" Line Vac Conveys Artificial Snow For Sales Display
Product :- Model 6984 2" Alum. Line Vac Kit  Subcategory :- Consumer Displays
Details :-

This customer makes customized window displays for stores and shopping centers. They designed one, using (2) Model 6984 2" (51mm) Aluminum Line Vac Kits to convey polystyrene beads vertically 14' into a slotted box, which then distributes them sporadically across a 20' width to create the appearance of snow falling. This is a display that will be going into a shopping area for the winter season.

Application :- Convey   Industry :- Manufacturing

2" Super Air Nozzle Blows Off Extrusion
Product :- Model 1122 1/4 FNPT 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Metal Forming and Fabrication
Details :-

Customer manufactures a galvanized, metal molding used in the building industry. Coolant is used to form the metal into the desired shape and must be blown off after going through the forming dies. Customer was using (2) 1/8 NPT, squashed pipe nipples to blow the extrusion off. They were using about 120 SCFM between the two pipe nipples. Customer retrofitted the process with (2)Model 1122 2" (51mm) Super Air Nozzles and dropped total air consumption to 44 SCFM. Air savings for using the nozzles was 63% and the nozzles were more effective at removing the coolant than the previous home-made solution.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Metalworking

2" Super Air Nozzle Eliminates Drips from Coating
Product :- Model 1122 1/4 FNPT 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Pool floats and chairs 
Details :-

Our customer manufactures pool floats and chairs. These molded foam products are complete after they get the color coating. The coating is applied by either dipping the product into it or with a shower. After the coating is applied the parts are hung on a conveyor and allowed to dry. As the parts hang, some of the coating drips down to the bottom edge and drips off. If the coating is drying, the drips form and can become permanent. This is an asthetic issue they want to eliminate. They have chosen the EXAIR Model 1122 2" (51mm) Super Air Nozzle and positioned it at the bottom of the parts to blow off and even out the coating so the drips do not form.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Recreation

2" Super Air Nozzle For Blowoff
Product :- Model 1122SS 1/4 FNPT St. St. 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Bottling
Details :-

Customer has a bottling line for plastic bottles filled with product. After filling with product and capping the bottle, customer has an inspection station that checks to make sure the caps are installed properly and all the way. The problem is that water used to rinse the bottle after filling stays on the cap. The water causes an occasional mis-read for bad cap install. This results in the bottle being rejected for a problem that it really did not have (2) Model 1122SS 2" (51mm) Super Air Nozzles were recommended to blow off the neck and cap region of the bottle. The elimination of water in this area also eliminated all false readings for bad cap install as well. Before installation of the air nozzle, customer estimated waste due to this problem to be in area of 1 - 2%. At thousands of bottles per day, that cost can begin to add up quickly.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Food

2" Super Air Nozzle Keeps Operator From Getting Burned
Product :- Model 1132SS St. St. 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle Shim Set  Subcategory :- Steel Fabrication
Details :-

Customer manufactures wire forms for the concrete industry. The wire forms are the cradles and various other items that hold steel reinforcing rods into place for pouring concrete. They make 2000 different ones. The customer has operators that feed parts into and automatic welder. When the welder is activated, weld spatter generally pops out in the direction of the operator. The engineer wanted to protect the operator from the weld spatter by deflecting it away with air. Using a Model 1122 2" Super Air Nozzle, Model 1132SS Shim Set, and Model 9212 12" Stay Set Hose (2 per weld station), the customer is now able to generate sufficient airflow across the weld areas to deflect the weld spatter away from the operator and into a more suitable direction. The benefit to the operator is that they now do not have to worry about being injured by the hot sparks and spatter.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Steel

2" Super Air Nozzle Prepares Date Code Surface
Product :- Model 1122 1/4 FNPT 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Bottled Water
Details :-

A water bottling company was experiencing poor quality on their ink jet date codes caused by excess water on the cleaned bottles. The bottles needed to have only the specific area for the date code blown off, not the entire bottle. The customer also desired some adjustment and positioning options for the application. EXAIR outfitted this customer with Model 1122 2" (51mm) Super Air Nozzle and Model 9212 12" (305mm) Stay Set Hose as well as Model 1132SS Shim Set for the Model 1122 nozzle. They have been able to remove the water from the bottle and produce quality date codes on the bottles.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Beverage

2" Super Air Nozzles Aid In Separating Sheets Of Metal From Stack
Product :- Model 1122 1/4 FNPT 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle  Subcategory :- Automotive
Details :-

An automotive chassis manufacturer needed to separate individual sheets of 36" X 15" X 0.080" metal sheets from a stack, to move through their production cycle. They normally use a magnet, but these sheets are non-ferrous. They installed (2) Model 1122 2" (51mm) Super Air Nozzles at (2) corners of the stack to facilitate separation of the sheets.

Application :- Sheet Separation   Industry :- Manufacturing

2" Super Air Wipe Removes Lubricant From Aluminum Bar
Product :- Model 2402 2" Alum. Super Air Wipe  Subcategory :- Wire Drawing
Details :-

A manufacturer of aluminum rods was having problems with removing drawing die lubricant from aluminum bar being cut to length. The lubricant was causing the bar to slip in the grippers, causing the bars to be cut short. Passing the bar through a Model 2402 2" (51mm) Super Air Wipe effectively removed the lubricant, and eliminated grip slippage.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Aluminum Foundry

316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knives Dry Silicon Wafers
Product :- Model 110212SS-316 12" Type 316 St. St. Super Air Knife Kit  Subcategory :- Computers
Details :-

A silicon wafer manufacturer needed to dry the wafers off before they went to a subsequent process. The wafers are 12" in diameter, and 0.325" thick. The standing water on the surface will dry and cause defects because of water spots. The solution was to install two Model 110212SS-316 12" (305mm) 316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knife Kits to blow off both sides as the wafers are transferred from one belt to another on the conveyance line. The customer was able to get good results at 40 psig inlet pressure to the knives and reduce the defect rate considerably.

Application :- Dry   Industry :- Electronics

316SS Super Air Knife Blows Diced Vegetable Conveyor Belt Clean
Product :- Model 110218SS-316 18" Type 316 St. St. Super Air Knife Kit  Subcategory :- Produce
Details :-

A produce company processes a variety of diced vegetables. Prior to packaging, they're portioned out on a conveyor equipped with an automated weighing system. Some of the diced foods would invariably stick to the belt, and, if allowed to transit the entire return, would cause the weighing system to malfunction. They made a simple blow off device out of copper tubing, but it used a lot of air, was quite loud, and the copper material was unsuitable for their food grade application. They installed a highly efficient and quiet Model 110218SS-316 18" (457mm) 316SS Super Air Knife Kit, which blows the belt clean the first pass, ensuring flawless operation of the weighing & packaging system.

Application :- Blow off   Industry :- Food Processing

316SS Super Air Knife Fluffs Up Nanofiber Material In Highly Aggressive Environment
Product :- Model 110218SS-316 18" Type 316 St. St. Super Air Knife Kit  Subcategory :- Nanofiber
Details :-

This nanofiber manufacturer needed a way to "fluff up" a fibrous web of their material. When it exited the last proprietary process, it was (necessarily) flattened, but they needed to expand it into a low density, but consistent mass. The product moves along a mesh belt conveyor, so they installed a Model 110218SS-316 18" (457mm) 316SS Super Air Knife Kit. The durable, corrosion resistant 316 Grade Stainless Steel is necessary due to the heat and aggressive chemical exposure. The infinitely adjustable laminar curtain of air, blowing up through the open mesh of the belt, provides the perfect amount of "fluffiness" for the product.

Application :- Inflation   Industry :- Manufacturing

316SS Super Air Knives Keep Packaged Meats Tender And Juicy
Product :- Model 110248SS-316 48" Type 316 St. St. Super Air Knife Kit  Subcategory :- Vacuum Packaging
Details :-

This customer vacuum packs prepared foods (most notably, high-quality meats) for restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and the military. They wanted a more efficient, faster way to remove excess moisture from cuts of meat before packaging…while their proprietary technique enhances the meat by keeping in moist and juicy, the excess surface moisture was detrimental to the quality and taste. They installed two Model 110248SS-316 48" (1219mm) 316SS Super Air Knife Kits, one above and one below a section of chain conveyor. These Air Knives quickly strip the excess moisture away, right before the cuts of meat are packaged, ensuring the highest quality, while speeding up their process.

Application :- Dry   Industry :- Food and Beverage

8 Inch Super Air Amplifiers Ventilate Welding Smoke From Large Pipes
Product :- Model 120028 8" Alum. Super Air Amplifier  Subcategory :- Welding
Details :-

This customer installs systems of 7' diameter pipe over long distances, up to 5 KM. They need to evacuate the welding fumes to the closest opening, which can be 100 feet away. Fans that are capable of this are large and cumbersome. Instead, they use (2) Model 120028 8" (203mm) Super Air Amplifiers to the system. One pulls fumes out through an opening while the other pushes fresh air into the pipe.

Application :- Ventilation   Industry :- Construction

Activity Based Cost Accounting
Product :- Model 9095 2" 4-400 SCFM Digital Flowmeter with Drill Guide Kit  Subcategory :- Accounting
Details :-

This customer manufactures aftermarket automotive products. They were going through an activity based accounting exercise to assign overhead costs to their various departments. In particular, one department uses considerably more compressed air than all the other departments and should bear most of the company's compressed air costs. What they needed to establish is how much compressed air each department uses and allocate compressed air costs accordingingly. Using Model 9095 Digital Flowmeters they were able to measure air consumption for the various departments. From that data they were able to calculate a burden rate for each department according to their use.

Application :- Optimization   Industry :- Automotive

Adding A Wind Effect To A Dance Floor
Product :- Model 120024 4" Alum. Super Air Amplifier  Subcategory :- Exhibits/Attractions
Details :-

Using Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier to produce wind on the dance floor of a nightclub. "Used to enhance the experience of the patrons.".

Application :- Blow   Industry :- Entertainment

Adhesive Cooling
Product :- Model 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler System (one cold outlet)  Subcategory :- industrial fasteners
Details :-

A manufacturer of staples for industrial staple guns applies an adhesive to a row of staples to hold them together. The adhesive is applied hot and must be cooled quickly to prevent it from becoming brittle. The are using an EXAIR Model 3825 Adjustable Spot Cooler to provide cold air flow on to the adhesive to cool it quickly.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Manufacturing

Adjustable E-Vacs Hold Different Size Sheets Consistently For Machining
Product :- Model 840008 8.2 SCFM Adjustable E-Vac  Subcategory :- Consumer Goods
Details :-

This customer was using a 1 HP blower motor to pull a vacuum to hold a sheet of Styrofoam in place while it was being machined. The system was designed for one size, though, and did not hold sheets of other sizes very well. Often, these would come loose during machining, causing an unacceptable level of scrapped parts. A new vacuum clamping system was designed, incorporating an array of Adjustable E-Vac Vacuum Generators, pulling a vacuum on a grid which accommodated all the sizes they needed. Then, they would simply turn the needed generators on to securely hold any size sheet.

Application :- Clamping and Chucking   Industry :- Machining

Adjustable Spot Cooler Aids Polycarbonate Machining
Product :- Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler System (two cold outlets)  Subcategory :- Custom Machining
Details :-

Our customer had a job to produce a product called a "bake and brine injector" used in the food industry. This product is made from lexan polycarbonate. They first milled 1/2" slots into the lexan and then drilled two 3/4" holes into two of the slots. The drilling process resulted in a large burr which was melted and stuck to the lexan. A secondary hand cutting and filing operation was needed to remove the burr. They outfitted the drill with an EXAIR Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler which kept the drill cool enough to allow the lexan to form chips and not melt onto the slots. The Adjustable Spot Cooler has eliminated the need for the secondary operation, sped up production time and decreased cost.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Manufacturing

Adjustable Spot Cooler Cools Fiberglass Saw Blades
Product :- Model 3725 Adjustable Spot Cooler only  Subcategory :- Building materials
Details :-

Application is in a fiberglass insulation factory where the customer wants to cool two 700 mm diameter batt cutting blades. The problem is when they are cutting thick batts, the blade gets very hot and warps. The warping ruins the blades and they must be changed at a large expense of time and money. They currently have two small cooling tubes affixed to each saw blade guard, but they are not providing enough volume nor cold enough air to cool the blade properly. A Model 3725 Adjustable Spot Cooler was installed onto each saw blade guard. The Adjustable Spot Coolers were set to output a temperature of zero degrees Celsius. The volume of flow plus the temperature of the air was adequate to allow the customer to continue the cutting application without any further heat damage or warping of the cutting blades.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Manufacturing

Adjustable Spot Cooler Ensures Consistent Curing Of Molded Medical Prosthesis
Product :- Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler System (two cold outlets)  Subcategory :- Injection Molding
Details :-

This customer manufactures biomedical products. One of their products is an molded plastic piece used in skull replacement. This has an advantage over metal plates in that it does not affect MRI and diagnostic equipment. Also the material itself is better assimilated by the body. They needed an effective solution to rapidly cool the part, after the molding process, so that it would hold its shape. Using a Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler with two cold outlets, they were able to cool both sides at the same time, resulting in uniform results, piece after piece.

Application :- Spot Cooling   Industry :- Manufacturing

Adjustable Spot Cooler with Dual Point Hose Kit Evenly Cools Saw Blade
Product :- Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler System (two cold outlets)  Subcategory :- Wood cutting
Details :-

A textile company was looking for a way to cool a band saw blade as it cut different types of wood. When they are dealing with the denser materials the blade would heat up causing scrap material and delays in production to change out the blade. They installed a Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler with Dual Point Hose Kit, allowing them to adjust the cold air temperature being disharged from the unit as they machine the various materials. The Dual Point Hose allows them to the direct the air on each side of the blade for even cooling.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Wood

Adjustable Spot Coolers Quickly Cool Heat Shrink Assembled Tool Parts
Product :- Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler System (two cold outlets)  Subcategory :- Automated Machinery
Details :-

A machinery maker designed an automated heat shrink part installation machine for a major tool manufacturer. It uses an 8-station turntable: two stations have induction heating elements, two have the part seating tooling, and the other four are equipped with Model 3925 Adjustable Spot Coolers with Dual Point Hose Kits. These produce the necessary cold air flow to drop the temperature of the parts from 400°F to less than 140°F before the parts are indexed from the turntable. This is accomplished within their goal timing of 10 seconds per station rotation.

Application :- Cooling   Industry :- Manufacturing

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