The Model W5215 Cold Gun cools the fly cutter on a mill, helping to extend the tool life.


The Model W5230 High Power Cold Gun keeps a laser cut part cool.


Cold air eliminates heat cracking of the carbide tool during sharpening.


What is the Cold Gun Aircoolant System™?

A new solution to an old problem. Heat build up on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. The Cold Gun Aircoolant System produces a stream of clean, cold air at 50°F (28°C) below supply air temperature. Operation is a quiet and there are no moving parts to wear out. It will remove heat to prolong tool life and increase productivity on machining operations when liquid coolants cannot be used.

The Cold Gun is also an alternative to expensive mist systems. It eliminates the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of cutting fluids and worker related health problems from breathing airborne coolants or slipping on wet shop floors.

EXAIR's Cold Gun is non-adjustable to prevent freeze-up during use. Cold airflow and temperature drop are factory set to optimize the gun's cooling capability.



  • Tool sharpening
  • Drill & cutter grinding
  • Routing
  • Plunge and form grinding
  • Milling
  • Surface grinding
  • Drilling
  • Tire grinding
  • Band sawing
  • Plastic machining
  • Laser cutting
  • Chill rolls
  • Setting hot melt adhesives


  • Improves production rates
  • Prevents burning
  • Extends tool life - reduces breakage
  • Improves tolerance control
  • Prevents smearing of metal and plastics
  • Finished part is dry
  • Eliminates wheel loading
  • Low cost - no coolant or electricity
  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • No moving parts - maintenance free
  • Quiet
  • No coolant cost
  • No electricity

Tool Grinding

Cold air eliminates heat cracking of carbide and tool edge burning during grinding and sharpening operations. Increased tool life between regrinds is the result.

Milling & Drilling

Fly cutters up to 460mm in diameter have been cooled with the Cold Gun. Dissipating heat with cold air extends tool life, increases speeds and feeds, and improves finishes.


Chill Roll

Cooling a roll with 20°F (-7°C) air keeps the material on the surface from bunching up, jamming or tearing. The metal surface transfers the cold temperature to the product.


Laser Cutting

Cold air cools a laser cut part so it can be handled seconds later. The High Power Cold Gun has twice the cooling capacity of the standard Cold Gun, cooling the part in less time.

How It Works

How the Cold Gun Works

The standard Cold Gun and High Power Cold Gun incorporate a vortex tube to convert an ordinary supply of compressed air into two low pressure streams, one hot and one cold. The hot airstream is muffled and discharged through the hot air exhaust. The cold air is muffled and discharged through the flexible hose, which directs it to the point of use. The magnetic base provides easy mounting and portability.


  Pressure Supply Air Consumption Sound Level
Cold Gun W5215 100 6.9 15 425 70
High Power Cold Gun W5230 100 6.9 30 850 82

Meets OSHA Requirements

EXAIR's Cold Gun Aircoolant System and High Power Cold Gun Aircoolant System meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

Built To Last Warranty

5 Year "Built To Last" Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials on all compressed air products. Defective products must be returned freight prepaid for repair or replacement at our option. This warranty applies under conditions of normal use, but does not apply to defects that result from intentional damage, negligence, unreasonable use or exposure.

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