EXAIR How-to Videos

How to Change Shims on

Super Air Amplifiers

In this video, Lee demonstrates how easy it is to adjust force & flow by changing shims.

EXAIR Super Air Amplifiers convert supplied compressed air into an effective, high volume air mover. Ideal for circulating air, and removing smoke & fumes.

How to Change Shims on a

Super Air Knife

Neal shows you the proper way to adjust force and flow on our Super Air Knives.

EXAIR Super Air Knives efficiently deliver a high volume, uniform sheet of laminar airflow. Ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning, and cooling applications.

Pipe Blowoff Demonstration using

Super Air Wipes

See how EXAIR's Super Air Wipes effectively clean soapy residue from a cylindrical shape.

EXAIR Super Air Wipes are engineered to produce a uniform, circular airstream that is ideal for drying, cooling, and cleaning cylindrical shapes like wire and pipe.

Changing the Spray Pattern on an

Atomizing Nozzle

See how quick and easy it is to change the air cap on our Air Atomizing Nozzles.

EXAIR's Atomizing Spray Nozzles combine compressed air & liquid to produce a mist of atomized liquid. They produce an even coating & conserve expensive liquids.

How to Identify your

EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Model

After years in a factory, it may be hard to id your Cabinet Cooler. Russ will show you how.

EXAIR's Cabinet Cooler Systems use compressed air to provide cooling for sensitive electronic controls. They are durable & require very little maintenance.

Cleaning & Replacing Emitter Points

on Ion Air Guns & Ion Air Jets

Brian shows you how to correctly service your EXAIR Static Eliminator product.

EXAIR's Ion Air Guns & Ion Air Jets are small blowoff units that produce streams of static eliminating ions. Ideal for dust removal prior to labeling & packaging.

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