Q) We have some dead spots on our air knife. What should we do?

The flow characteristics of the Air Knife (Super or Standard) have been tested before it was shipped. We suggest that you follow the disassembly instructions and inspect the Air Knife for dirt contamination.  Cleaning instructions can be found on the installation and maintenance sheet shipped with the Air Knife or in Adobe Reader PDF format on our web site. A second possibility is that the Air Knife has been undersupplied. Do not use restrictive fittings, undersized line or filters that may not allow enough airflow into the plenum chamber of the Air Knife.  Air Knives that are 18" or longer must be supplied at two compressed air inlets at opposite ends of the Air Knife. A third possibility is that the screws may have been over tightened during mounting or during reassembly. Screws should be tightened snugly (7.5 ft/lbs).

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