Q) What is the difference between the Super Air Amplifier and the Adjustable Air Amplifier?

The Super Air Amplifier is only available in Aluminum whereas the Adjustable Air Amplifier is available in aluminum and stainless steel.  Also, all sizes of the Super Air Amplifier have a 2 bolt flange (except the 8" (203mm) Super Air Amplifier) molded into its body for mounting.  The Adjustable Air Amplifier must be mounted externally or with hard piping. The key operating difference is that a Super Air Amplifier operates with a patented shim to set the air gap which allows it to consume 40% less air than an Adjustable Air Amplifier. This patented shim also allows for a higher amplification ratio than the Adjustable Air Amplifer models. The Super Air Amplifier Shims can be used on an Adjustable Air Amplifier if you wish to decrease the air consumption and have a set air gap.

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