Q) I can't get enough airflow out of my air knife. Should I add more shims?

It is important to know that the Air Knife is working properly before increasing the gap opening of the Air Knife (installing thicker shims). Low flow could be the result of restrictive fittings, undersized lines, a clogged filter, an undersized compressor or dirt clogging the slot of the Air Knife (Super or Standard). Using a pipe tee, install a pressure gauge at one of the inlets of the Air Knife to insure that full line pressure is available to it. If full line pressure is available and additional flow is required, shut off the compressed air supply and disassemble the Air Knife. If dirt is present, clean all of the component parts and reassemble without installing a thicker shim (or additional shims). If all parts appear to be clean, we suggest that you install a shim of the next higher thickness since this can produce a dramatic change in air volume and velocity. Be sure to tighten each screw snugly (7.5 ft/lbs). We suggest that the shim thickness be increased by .001" (.03mm) increments until the desired performance is achieved.

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