Vacuum Cups and Accessories

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  1. Vacuum Accessory kits include suction cups, fittings, vacuum tube and mounting clip.

    Vacuum Accessory Kit

    Once you choose your E-Vac, an accessory kit bundles the other components you will need to get up and running. Vacuum Accessory Kits include vacuum cups, fittings and tubing for specific E-Vacs.

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  2. Vacuum Cups

    Vacuum Cup

    EXAIR vacuum cups are vinyl. They are ideal for general purpose applications and provide excellent resistance to wear. The Durometer rating (used to indicate the flexibility and stiffness of the cup) is A50. Temperature range is 32°F to 125°F (0°C to 52°C).

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  3. The Straight-through muffler produces the largest noise reduction.

    E-Vac Muffler

    Optional silencing mufflers are available that permit maximum exhaust of the E-Vac unit so cycle speed is not reduced. The Standard Muffler (for use with In-Line E-Vacs only) has a closed end and is suitable for applications that are free of dust and debris. The Straight Through Muffler is recommended where particulate is present since it will not accumulate debris that can erode performance. Straight Through Mufflers offer the best sound level reduction (up to 26 dBA)

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  4. Check Valve

    E-Vac Check Valve

    A vacuum check valve holds the vacuum in case of compressed air loss. E-Vac Check Valves are available in 1/4 FNPT, 3/8 FNPT and 1/2 FNPT

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  5. E-Vac fittings have a global thread for use with NPT or BSP threads and push in connections for the vacuum tube

    E-Vac Connector

    Connectors for use with EXAIR E-Vac vacuum generators

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  6. Vacuum tubing connects E-Vacs, fittings and Suction cups

    Vacuum Tubing

    1/4" and 3/8" Polyurethane vacuum tubing is available (10', 20', 30', 40' and 50' lengths) to connect vacuum fittings. For best performance, the length of the tubing should be minimized to achieve the best attach and release times.

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  7. E-Vac mounting clip

    Model 900798 Mounting Clip

    Mounting Clip with Strap for E-Vacs

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  8. Hose Barb

    Hose Barb

    Hose barbs have barb sizes from 1/4 through 1 and MNPT threads from 1/4 through 1.

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  9. Vacuum hose is available in 5 sizes for the E-Vacs

    Vacuum Hose

    Vacuum hose is sized for use with the Adjustable E-Vac and is rated to 28" Hg of vacuum. Available with inside diameters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1". Hose lengths are 10', 20', 30', 40' and 50'.

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  10. Model 900811 Vacuum Gauge

    Model 900811 Vacuum Gauge

    This 1/8 MNPT vacuum gage shows you the vacuum your E-Vac is producing. It is rated to -30"Hg/-1 BAR/-100 kPa-0.

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