Conveying Reclaimed Chopped Nuts into Hopper for Reuse

Company manufactures ice cream and various ice cream novelties. They currently use a screw auger to move chopped nuts for the outside of a drumstick. They want to find a way to collect the spilled nuts that don’t attach to the drumsticks and convey them back up to the hopper that supplies the screw auger for reuse. The Model 6963-30 1 1/2" (38mm) Line Vac Kit with 30' of Hose will work well in conjunction with the collection tray that they will fabricate to taper down into the mouth of the Line Vac. The Line Vac will then have no problem moving the chopped nuts the 20-30 foot distance through the hose back up to the open hopper to be reused, resulting in less wasted nuts, since they can now be recollected and reused, rather than just swept off the floor and discarded.

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