Deluxe Stay Set Ion Air Jet Kit To Remove Dust From Optics

This customer has 10mm x 10mm x 1mm glass optics that are mounted in a recessed hole in an aluminum mount with beryllium copper springs holding the optic in place. The problem was the optics were gathering dust and particles and the past blow off process let moisture and did not remove all the particulates. The past blow off process was a can of compressed air. The propellant was causing the moisture and the pressure was not high enough to remove the dust that was clinging to the optic due to a static charge. The Model 8495-9362 Deluxe Stay Set Ion Air Jet Kit was an ideal replacement because the optics are picked up by hand and inspected while inside the mounts. They are then placed into packages to be stored until use. The Stay Set Ion Air Jet Kit allows the end user to keep two hands on the costly optic and mount while using the provided Model 9040 Foot Pedal to operate the air flow. This product sends clean dry static eliminating air into the recess and eliminates the static charge of the optic while also blowing out any particulates that may be present.

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