Eliminating Static On Glass

A customer is building some equipment for an end user who etches lines in glass with a laser. Static charged particles and debris present on the glass surface presented a cleanliness problem in the process that resulted in lesser quality final product. So, the need to blow off the debris prior to etching became an issue. This problem was already known by the end user and so they specified that EXAIR Super Ion Air Knives were to be used to clean the glass prior to etching. Model 112024 and X072705 (modified 112024) Super Ion Air Knives and Model 7960 Power Supply were used. One of the knives blows on the glass as it enters the work area. The second one blows on the glass just before the etching process. The result is a clean work-piece. This problem had been worked out and specified by the end use customer. We only know that the Super Ion Air Knives were specified as a process improvement and that the need was strong enough to warrant a slightly special designed unit.

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