Ion Air Jet Eliminates Static To Improve Part Ejection

A consumer products company manufactures and packages feminine hygiene products. The individual product packaging is a polypropylene film web which is converted to a tube. The product is placed in the tube and the ends are sealed before bulk packaging. Every polypropylene tube that is not filled with a product is ejected from the packaging line down into a chute and falls to a bulk trash bin. These very light weight packages develop a high static charge during the process and when an air nozzle provides a blast of air for ejection, the empty tube sticks to the discharge chute, or misses the chute opening and sticks to another nearby surface then begins to pile up in unwanted areas of production. The customer has chosen an EXAIR Model 8294 Ion Air Jet and Power Supply to replace the existing ejection nozzle. This has created a static elimination ejection nozzle which eliminates a static charge from the tubes and the discharge chute allowing the tube to move freely in the direction they need it to go and it neatly falls into the trash bin.

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