Ion Air Jet Separates Plastic Cards

Customer manufactures gift cards for retail stores. The plastic cards are stacked, and need to be separated one at a time to be pulled into a feeder. But, because of significant static electricity, the cards want to stick together. So, sometimes two or more cards are put into the feeder at once. Other times, a card cannot be pulled off the stack, so no card goes into the feeder. Both of these results are problematic. A Model 8294-9362 Stay Set Ion Air Jet with Power Supply is an ideal product to resolve these issues. It will provide a blast of ionized air to help start the initial separation of each card from the stack and eliminate the static electricity that is causing the cards to stick together. The stayset hose will allow the air jet to be precicely positioned within the tight space and aimed at just the right angle to the cards. The magnetic base will also allow for precise, yet adjustable, mounting of the entire jet and hose assembly. The installation of the Stay Set Ion Air Jet will allow the cards to be pulled into the feeder in a virtually uninterrupted process.

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