Keeping Gang Saw Blades Cool in PVC Foam Board Cutting Application

Customer extrudes PVC foam boards and then rips them to various widths based on product need. Product is ripped on a multi-blade, gang, rip saw that can have as many as 14 blades installed. Problem is that the blades and material heat up, causing problems with melting of the material during the cutting process. Customer has installed (2) Model 3725 Adjustable Spot Coolers onto a custom, PVC manifold to exhaust cold air right at the interface of the blade and material. The result is that the cutting is now able to proceed without any defects occurring due to overheating of the blades or material. Before the installation of the Adjustable Spot Coolers, customer had to stop periodically, allowing the blades to cool down enough stop melting problem. Customer was able to experience productivity gain of at least 25% due to this improvement to the process.

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