Line Vac Conveys Coated Almonds

Customer designs processing equipment and systems for industrial use.  One client needs a vacuum system to convey almonds and other nuts with various coatings up approximately 18 ft into a hopper. As part of the vacuum system, they needed a way to control the on/off of the vacuum to correspond to when the hopper was full, to avoid overflowing. The end user already had a source of compressed air at their facility. Thus, EXAIR's compressed air operated products would fit nicely into the setup. A Model 6965-20 2.5" (64mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac Kit with 20 ft of PVC hose will provide plenty of vacuum to convey the nuts up the 18 ft vertical distance, as well as provide a more than sufficient material flow rate to fill the hopper in a reasonable amount of time. A Model 9056 EFC Electronic Flow Control will provide a photoelectric sensor to determine when the hopper has reached a determined fill level and send a signal to the included solenoid valve to turn the Line Vac off until the hopper is ready to be filled again. This combination of products eliminates the need for close visual monitoring of the fill level and repeated human intervention to turn the vacuum system on and off throughout the process.

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