Line Vac Conveys Wax Paper in Meat Processing Application

Customer processes live cattle all the way down to individual servings of beef you would purchase in a grocery. In the beginning of the process, the hide is partially taken off of the animal and two pieces of a wax impregnated paper are inserted into the arm pit area of the front legs to keep the hide from contaminating the meat in this part of the animal. As the animal proceeds down the line and the rest of the hide is removed, the wax paper is no longer needed and is then removed from the animal. Currently, it is removed by personnel by hand. The customer wants to eliminate this position from his processing line in order to save money. The customer is able to remove the wax paper from the animal and blow it into a specially fabricated funnel like device that is connected to a Model 6087 4" (102mm) Aluminum Line Vac to remove the wax paper to a waste bin.

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