Line Vac Keeps Process Clean and Operational Which Increases Productivity

Customer manufactures power rods for a popular exercise machine. They drill holes in the ends of the power rods. The resultant “chip" is best described as a stiff, curled piece of plastic about the length and diameter of a toothpick. Due to the curled nature, when more than a few of these are left laying around, they end up making a large mess in the machine which makes it necessary to stop and clean up the pile which takes away from production time. The customer drills 2 pieces at a time and it takes a good 10 minutes out of every hour to clean up the mess. Using a Model 6083 1-1/2" (38mm) Aluminum Line Vac, the customer was able to gain back the extra 10 minutes of each production hour to keep running instead of stopping to clear the chips.

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