Line Vac Upgrades Performance of Packaging Machine

As part of the package manufacturing process, a “slug" must be stamped out of the packaging material and conveyed away to a scrap bin at the rear of the machine. The customer was using a simple air eductor and was experiencing problems with mounting and with developing enough power to push the material to the scrap bin. This resulted in clogs that the operator would have to clear. The system was not reliable enough to let out to customers. A Model 140100 1" (25mm) Aluminum Threaded Line Vac was used to replace the air eductor. The thread on both ends of the Line Vac allowed the customer to easily and seamlessly integrate the Line Vac into his machine with nothing more than pipe fittings. Also, the suction power of Model 140100 was high enough to carry the slugs away consistently without a problem.

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