Standard Air Knife Blows Corrugated Scrap Into Hopper, Keeping Production Line Clean

This customer manufactures cardboard boxes, and uses a die to cut excess material from the corrugated stock before the box is folded into its final shape. They were trying to blow the trimmed waste off with a 3/4" open end pipe, but this single-point blow off was not effective across the 36" width of the conveyor, and waste continued to be carried down the line, spilling along the way, and making a large mess on the floor, over the full length of the line. By installing a Model 2036 36" (914mm) Standard Air Knife in between the preform conveyor and the die, they are able to blow the scrap into a hopper. This ensures coverage over the full width, which means all the scrap pieces are pushed in the same direction, and don't get blown up on top of the product.

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