Super Air Knife Dries Ink

Customer manufactures packaging materials and machinery for various industries. One particular application involved ink printed on a wide paper web that was subsequently sent through rollers then wound into large rolls for shipping to customers. The ink was not always sufficiently dry by the time it was sent through the rollers, smudging and smearing the final print as well as leaving ink residue on the rollers which could then be redeposited on other materials. They needed a solution that would dry the ink  evenly across the entire width of the paper web.  A Model 110248 48" (1219mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife Kit will provide all the necessary components they will need to get the job done. The 48" (1219mm) wide air stream produced by the knife will produce a uniform curtain of air across the paper. The kit also includes a shim set for airflow gap adjustment, as well as an air filter to remove water and dirt contaminants from teh compressed air supply and a pressure regulator to allow for precise flow and velocity adjustment. The airflow produced by the knife will ensure that the ink is fully dried before reaching the rollers, preventing flawed paper and virtually eliminating downtime that was required to remove the damaged paper and clean the rollers.

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