Super Air Knife Removes Debris From Conveyor Belt

This customer processes sawdust and wood chips. They have a problem with debris falling off the sides of their conveyor belt, which builds up and causes belt tracking issues. They had a blower-fed 3" diameter drilled pipe running along side the conveyor, which was marginally effective, but very loud. Additionally, they were hoping to free themselves of the maintenance and downtime associated with the blower system. EXAIR's Super Air Knives remedy both of these problems, as they use compressed air (of which there was an ample supply), and are much quieter, at only 69 dBA @80psig. Additionally, because they produce a uniform sheet of laminar airflow, with no interruptions (they had previously addressed this problem by drilling more holes in the pipe, increasing air consumption and noise.) A Model 110054 54" (1372mm) Super Air Knife was installed alongside the conveyor, and now provides effective and efficient blow off.

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