Super Ion Air Knife and Super Air Nozzles Solve Static Problem

48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) plastic sheet is laying in a stack on a lift table. The sheets are picked up one at a time by suction cups and moved to a die cutter. The large sheets are sticking together due to a static charge and causing the suction cups to lift more than one sheet at a time. This caused problems within the die cutting machine, made an operator stand at the lift table to make sure it was running smoothly and increased costs of producing the finished product. EXAIR has provided a solution with three Model 1122 2" (51mm) Flat Super Air Nozzles to provide the initial blast of air to help create a gap between the sheets. Our Model 112136 36" (914mm) Super Ion Air Knife and Power Supply then blows static eliminating air into the gap to quickly separate any sheets stuck together. This prevented the problems caused by static, most importantly reducing the cost of manufacturing.

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