Vortex Tube Cooling kit Keeps Steel Strip Cool

A manufacturer who forms tubes for the automotive industry had a problem with heat. The steel strips they were processing to make the formed tubes was washed in a 160°F environment. These strips are 1.6" (41mm) wide and .035" (10mm) thick, they travel at 200 fpm through the cleaning process. Out of the cleaning step they wind through some rollers prior to getting formed. The heat from the washing procedure was transferring on to the first roller and would sometimes heat that roller up enough to develop cracks. The roller is 2" (51mm) wide and 4" (102mm) in diameter. EXAIR provided a Model 3930 medium Vortex Tube Cooling Kit and Model 5902 Dual Point Hose kit to provide flexibility and adjustment in determining a cooling solution. The customer used the 25 SCFM generator inside of the Vortex Tube as well as the dual point hose kit to provide a 2" (51mm) wide cold air blow off directly on to the roller to keep the heat from transferring from the steel strip. They have been able to keep the roller from cracking. 

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