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Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling Products

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Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling Products

Meets or Exceeds OSHA RequirementsEXAIR's stainless steel Vortex Tubes convert an ordinary supply of compressed air into cold air at -50°F (-46°C) on one end, up to 260°F (127°C) on the other. There are no moving parts or refrigerants. They are commonly used to cool electronic controls, machining operations, gas samples, environmental chambers and more.

Vortex Tube products are available that are suited to specific applications. These include the:

Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes are available in three sizes (small, medium and large) that have a wide range of cooling capacities.

Cold Gun Aircoolant System

Cold Gun Aircoolant System replaces messy mist systems, cools dry machining operations with clean, cold air.

Cabinet Coolers

Cabinet Coolers cool and purge electronic enclosures. Eliminate malfunctions caused by overheating or dirt infiltration.

Adjustable Spot Cooler

Adjustable Spot Cooler that has a swivel magnetic base and control knob to select a temperature from -30°F (-34°C) to room temperature. It can be used to adjust thermostats, set hot melts, cool machined or molded plastics and more.

Mini Cooler

Mini Cooler prevents burning, melting and heat related breakage on small parts with 20°F (-7°C) air. It is ideal for small tools, blades, sewing needles, and lenses.

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