Line Vacs

are a powerful compressed air powered conveyor. Ideal for transferring bulk items over distance to fill feed hoppers, transfer parts, or tension fibers. They are available in Standard, Threaded, Heavy Duty, Light Duty and Sanitary Flange styles in a variety of sizes.

Heavy Duty Line Vac Reclaims Tumbling Media, Saves Time and Operators Backs

This customer uses a vibratory finishing machine to tumble parts prior to coating. They were looking for a better way to reclaim the tumbling media back into the machine. The were filling 5 gallon buckets and emptying by hand, but this was very labor intensive. Using a Model 152200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac Kit, they were able to transfer the media back to the machine in a fraction of the time. The operators are no longer bending over and straining themselves to dump a full 5 gallon container into the machine's hopper.

Air Nozzles & Jets

powerful nozzles efficiently deliver strong blowoff force that is ideal for the quick burst of air needed for part ejection from a belt or web.

Super Air Nozzle Ejects Rejected Bottles

Customer has a bottling plant and they wanted to detect and remove 20oz filled plastic bottles that have been improperly capped on the conveyor line. The method of ejection needed to be both powerful enough to completely remove the rejected bottle, but precise enough to remove only the rejected bottle and not others near it that were acceptable. Because it is a food-grade application a Model 1104SS 3/8 NPT Stainless Steel Super Air Nozzle would be perfectly suited. The powerful, focused force produced by the nozzle can completely remove the rejected bottle from the line. The size and shape of the airflow pattern it produces is just right to remove only one bottle. When the airflow is timed in conjunction with the upstream inspection system, the air nozzle eliminates all of the rejected bottles from the line while creating little disruption to the remainder of the process.

Super Air Knives

produces a powerful, uninterrupted, laminar flow of air across its entire length. Perfect for providing a bridge of air when transferring products between processes.

Super Air Knife Floats Product Across Conveyor Gap

Customer has manufactured a conveyor oven to cook flat bread. The conveyor oven transfers the flat bread from a roller drum to a section of conveyor. There is a gap in between the roller drum and the conveyor section at which the flat bread needs to be supported so it does not fall between the gap as it is transferred from roller to conveyor. They have chosen the EXAIR Model 110048SS 48" (1219mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife to provide airflow to float the flat bread across the gap. The stainless steel construction withstands the high oven temperatures and maintains continuity with the construction of many of the conveyor oven parts.

Reversible Drum Vacs

compressed air powered pumping system that can be easily attached to any closed head 30, 55, or 100 gallon drum. Because it has no moving parts and is reversible, it is ideal for pick up and tranfer of fluids between containers.

Transferring Hydraulic Oil

Company manufactures elevators for agriculture. When they have installed an elevator, they need to fill the hydraulic system. They were using a hand pump to transfer hydraulic oil from 55 gallon barrels. Substituting the hand pump for a Model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac they were able transfer 10 times faster than a hand pump. This reduced their fill time from 25-30 minutes to a mere 3 minutes.

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